Malta Federation Of Bodybuilding & Fitness
                                                            Affiliated to the IFBB Federation

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Welcome to the Malta Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness!

MFBBF organises and regulates National and  International Bodybuilding and Fitness contests in Malta, seminars and workshops in training, nutrition and other subjects related to our disciplines and provides an platform for its members to share their experiences and knowledge. The Federation also helps athletes who qualify for International Events in a number of ways. 

Bodybuilding and fitness are a sport in itself, can be used as a complimentary training practice to improve performance in other sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Bodybuilding and fitness training techniques have been used successfully both as a complimentary training method in many other sports to improve muscular development and performance, prevent injuries  and in the rehabilitation phase after injuries. Weight training coupled with a balanced healthy diet helps prevent and even reverse lean muscle mass loss which is part of the  ageing process and promotes general well being both physical and psychological. It is no coincidence that bodybuilders continue competing even at and over sixty years of age! So take some time to browse our site and learn more about us and what we do.

Keep up to date with  MFBBF’s upcoming  activities and events both locally and internationally, learn the Rules and regulations covering contests, find information on how to become a member and register for contests locally and how to qualify for  international competitions and Pro-cards, checkout our Hall of Fame. The site is regularly updated so register your email address to receive notifications and updates. 

MFBBF is a full member of  IFBB, the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness and EBFF, the European Federation Of Bodybuilding and Fitness. MFBBF is  the only Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation recognised by the Maltese Olympic Committee and National Institutions.

The Federation is a non-profit organisation led by a committee which is elected by its  members every two years during the Annual General Meeting.